What we do:

-perform an initial consultation to determine problem areas using paranormal equipment and mediumship

-remove most spirits through mediumship on the first or second visitsĀ 

-subsequent visits may be required for more difficult cases, such as problem entities or issues with the land 

-we can map out ley lines, finding portals/vortexes and use Reiki to create boundaries

-we do attachment removals when necessary, if the problem lies with an occupant and not just with the home/land 

-we endeavour to provide follow-up service. Clients can rest knowing that when the job is done, we are still available for “troubleshooting” should a problem arise.

We at the team of Lost Souls, know what it’s like to not have peace in our homes due to the paranormal. With that in mind, we strive to give you peace of mind knowing what is happening on your property and resolving it for you.