Demon House 08.17.17

The team was called in to help a female owner terrified and unable to get a good night’s sleep. She said that for months now, she had been having terrible nightmares. A few nights a week, she would dream of a tall, dark, shadow-figure that was trying to kill her. She would feel as if it was looming over her as she slept, trying to choke her. During the daytime, whenever she would go downstairs to do the laundry, she would feel watched. This activity had begun months earlier when her husband was away on a hunting trip. We had asked her before our visit, if there was anything new to the house. She was an avid “yard-saler”, so she owned many objects that were either very old and/or had been previously owned. She immediately took us outside to a chair on her front verandah. She explained that she had picked it up, brought it home and recovered it in new fabric. It had been indoors. Once she realized that activity had begun around the same time she brought it home, it had been banished. Touching the chair, I saw a short female with light auburn, jaw-length hair that was limp and thinning. She wore a summer-y off the shoulder blouse. She was heavy-set and in her 60’s. She had an “L” name. I felt this lady had formerly owned the chair and was tied to it, not inside the house. Whatever was going on inside had nothing to do with the chair.We went back inside and continued to try and narrow down what was happening. She related that on another night her husband was away, she was in bed when she had heard a distinctive noise. It sounded to her like the sound that the door to the basement makes. When she got out of bed to check the door, she found it closed, as she had left it. The door itself appeared to rub along the edge of the frame, creating a loud scraping noise. When we attempted to recreate the sound, the door took quite a bit of pushing, with force, to close or open. The sound it made as it hit the door frame was the noise she had heard. She also stated she would close the door numerous times during the course of the day only to find it ajar moments later. Her husband hadn’t really noticed anything amiss, besides his wife waking frequently through the night. She stated she hadn’t had any nightmares for a while. One of the team had given her a piece of black tourmaline to put under her pillow. Apparently it was working.We were left to our own devices as the couple started preparing lunch. We headed down to the basement. The team started a sweep of the rooms on the upper levels. Myself, I sat to meditate in the rec room area in the basement. When finished, I headed to the end of the hallway. Walking towards the room at the end, I was suddenly struck by a sensation of pain in my chest. I stopped, noticing I was just outside a small room on my left. Continuing on to my destination, I noted the sensation abated.The room at the end of the hall was the only unfinished room in the basement. It consisted of concrete floors and walls. To the right was an area with a chopping block and some stacked wood. To the left was a furnace and beyond that some stairs leading up to an outside entrance. I stepped into this room and to my right. The chopping block was higher than I would have expected; I later discovered that this was an area for taxidermy. Standing next to the woodpile, I asked who it was in the other room that had died of chest pain. I was given the name “George’. I stayed in the space asking more questions, with no responses. Leaving I entered the hall and turned directly into the room where the chest pain seemed to originate from. Inside was a set of bunk beds ahead to the right. On the left just inside the door was a crib. Also scattered throughout the room were a couple boxes and smaller items stored there. The chest pain increased as I edged farther into the room. I felt as though there was an elderly male there associated with the chest pain. But I was also feeling like there was a small child there as well. Although unlike the male, the child was not stepping forward. Instead, I could feel as though the child was hiding from me, afraid. I also was getting an “L” name tied to the child, and could hear the sound of the name – like Lucy or Lucinda. The longer I remained in that space, the stronger the pain in my chest became. I knew I had many more rooms to go through. I decided to leave and walk the rest of the house. On exiting through the doorway, I ran into my team. I pointed in the direction of the room as I walked away down the hall. I told them they should go in there to set up as they would most likely get some good evidence. Continuing down the hallway, I stepped into a couple storage closets and one other room. But no communication was forthcoming. Finished with the basement, I headed upstairs. I decided to waste no time and went straight for the heart of the problem – the master bedroom. I stood next to the bed and placed my hand on the wall to perform psychometry. I asked my guides what was happening at night. I was shown a black-cloaked hooded figure with long, bony fingers. I saw the word ‘Death’. I asked my guide “What does it want?” I saw the word ‘Bobby’. “What does it want from the lady of the house?” One word ensued, ‘LIFE’. I could feel/see a black, wispy essence which I knew was energy being taken from the homeowner. I saw her in bed tossing and turning and could see the black cloaked figure there draining her energy. After learning what was happening in the master bedroom, I was a little concerned. I finished with another spare bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room. I didn’t pick up on much from those spaces. However, while standing in the living room, I felt a burning on my left shoulder. I had been having some shoulder and neck discomfort recently, so it wasn’t a huge deal. I chatted briefly with the homeowners, asking about the original owners about the history of the land. They told me there used to be a house off to the right of this one, but when they had bought the land there was only a foundation left. They had lived in a mobile home until they had this house built, so they were the first owners. I went to speak with the rest of the team and fill them in. They had had some success with evp work in the room I had suggested, but not much in the rest of the house. We thought maybe former owners of the original house could be around causing problems, so we agreed it would be a good idea to go in search of the old foundations. Hopefully some evp’s would be forthcoming there.We headed outside and walked down a mowed pathway into the woods. At the end, we saw no signs of a foundation. So, we braved branches and brambles, crawling through dense brush on the search for our holy grail. Along the way, the spirit box did become more chatty. On the other hand, my communication with spirit became nearly non-existent. We found a few large fieldstones near a depression in the ground. This seemed to be the spot. We asked a few questions, then returned to the house. On the way back I made contact with a male named Philippe, who was tall and slim. He had black hair marled with grey. Now usually when I am approached by spirit and they give me a name and face right off the bat, it is a my signal that they wish to cross into the light. Nonetheless, I asked just to be sure, and received a ‘Yes’. So I helped him to crossover. Reaching the front porch of the house, the spirit box became very chatty as spirits wanted to talk and answer questions. However, as soon as we stepped back inside it became strangely silent. Since the homeowners had left to go grocery shopping and we had finished our preliminary investigation, we decided to leave. We reconvened at the home of one of the investigators. While comparing notes, her phone rang. While on the phone, she seemed very surprised. She loudly exclaimed “Oh!” and I knew it was something pertaining to the investigation. Here’s where things got really interesting. When she got off the phone, she said the client had called her with some information. While they were out they had stopped at the client’s mother’s. She was telling her what was going on, and what I had told her I had found in the downstairs bedroom. Her mother replied with “Don’t you remember what happened to your daughter in there??” The home owners have three children, now grown. Their son had his bedroom in that room originally. But at some point they had moved their daughter in there. From the start, she was not sleeping well. She kept complaining she would wake up at night to see an old male and a little girl sitting at the end of her bed. She was scared. Of course, nobody believed her. She was even sent to a psychologist for help. They ended up moving her out of that room. This was exciting news for me. Even though I “felt” there was a girl hiding somewhere, I hadn’t been sure. I was sure however, about the elderly male. The fact that they had both been seen by someone else was awesome validation.Feeling excited, but knowing we had already chewed through our allotted appointment time for the day, I headed home. Feeling tired I crashed on the couch to nap. The discomfort in my neck and shoulder I had been dealing with for days was acting up. I hoped some rest might help. Waking up a little while later, I rubbed the top of my shoulder. Feeling something rough and irregular, I moved my shirt to look. There, running from the top of my shoulder two inches down my back was a scratch. And it certainly hadn’t been there this morning. Suddenly, I recalled the burning sensation I had felt in the client’s living room.  Could it be…?
(to be continued…)

Victorian Saga Continues 07.24.17

Some locations are quite simple and can be taken care of in one visit. However, others can be very complex, simply due to the amount of time the house has been standing or the land has been occupied. This is one such case. It is a never-ending enigma, unfolding bit by bit. It is probable that entity A may not see/interact with entity B, nor entity C. This is, in part, due to them existing in different time frames. As well, there are entities that come and go from this location. At any rate, this means more time is necessary to clear them and the negative footprint they have created. I have returned to this location numerous times. It is such an interesting house from a paranormal standpoint that I think of it affectionately as my favorite “haunted house” by far. Many factors have “built” this house. It sits on land that was originally occupied by natives. It was built and farmed by settlers from Scotland as one of the first houses in its area. All the tragedies that occurred here, all the emotions of the people that lived here, have left their imprint. Throw in a building across the road that used to serve as the morgue. Mix in two wells that run from the morgue along one of the numerous ley lines leading through the house. Stir in the church owning it at one point, and using it for wakes. Add to that, occupants with psychic/mediumship abilities, one that possibly created poltergeist-type activity while growing up. This is one recipe to create the perfect haunting.I usually come here with a specific game-plan in mind. I know which entity or room I will focus on. On this occasion I began with the sewing room. I really wanted to make contact with the young girl and to learn more about her. Entering the room, I meditated. I could see a girl in a white “party” dress. It had a pouffy skirt with crinolines under it. She was not coming closer to communicate with me. After several minutes of reaching out, I instead asked my guides to bring her forward to talk. Instantly, I saw her as if she were on the stairs that came up from the first floor. Initially I could only see the top half of her. She was crawling up the stairs on her hands and knees. Now, I found this very odd as she was no baby – she had to be around 6-7 years-old. Frankly, it was more than a little creepy – too much like ‘The Ring’ for me. She came up a couple stairs and then stood before me. I was getting the name Clara. I know I had previously thought her name to start with an ‘L’, but I could have missed hearing the ‘C’. I asked why she was here, and received one word – ‘LOST’. I asked what happened to her and she showed me a pond, with tall grass around the edges. I had the feeling she had fallen into the water and drowned. She showed me she was in a boat. Vaguely, I recalled this was some of the same information I had received last time with her. Then I saw a boat with a pointy tip – a canoe? It quickly turned onto its side, then righted itself. So the boat had tipped and she had fallen out. I asked her if she wanted to cross over and she agreed to it. When I asked for a loved one to come for her, her mother came. She wore a floor-length, full skirt with a blouse and apron over top. She was a homemaker, and her hair was up in a bun. She had two small children beside her. Clara took her outstretched hand and walked through the doorway with her. The attic was my next target. It was always easier to make contact with spirit up there. Also, I was finding that gleaning information through psychometry, via the chimney, to be quite easy here. On climbing the attic stairs, I instantly had the name Ernie. This wasn’t the first time I’d picked up that name. It belonged to an elderly spirit who was far more modern than the other ones I was attending to. I gingerly stepped around boxes to place myself close to the chimney. Placing my hand on it, I asked my guides to bring forth Ben to talk. I had picked him up on a previous visit, in the second floor bathroom. I knew he must be the same boy, the son of the Victorian lady on the front porch during my first visit. I asked my guide what happened to him. I instantly saw his father’s shot gun. Shocked, my eyes filled with tears as the realization hit me – he was shot, by his father. During much of our time there, a team member had been conducting their own evidence-gathering via ghost box. There had been numerous voices chattering away. On a whim, I asked the investigator to ask how the boy had died. A male voice replied with one word – ‘Blood’. I could see it all happening – his father fighting to scare the natives off the property, shooting his rifle, and a small boy with chin-length hair, dark pants, white shirt and suspenders, being caught by a stray bullet. Accidental. But sad and tragic nonetheless. He stood before me quietly, shyly, saying nothing. I asked him if he wanted to be with his mother. He simply nodded. Now, I am not so abrupt with child spirits as I am with adult ones. I explain everything fully to them in hopes they won’t be afraid and leave. I told him I would open a door and have her come for him. Again he nodded. Vanessa who I had crossed over the last time, appeared. As soon as he saw her he ran to her, hugging her skirt. She put her arms around him and walked him through the doorway. Bursting with emotion, I felt I had done something really good for those poor lost souls. My goals had been met. I was happy and on checking in with the client weeks later, she reported a change in the household. It seemed to her that two of the occupants were noticeably less morose and depressed than they had been. The atmosphere seemed a little less heavy. Of course, there was more work to be done. Much more. But that would be an adventure for another day.

Footsteps in the Night 06.07.17

One of the members of my group ran into a friend while out shopping one day. They got to talking, and the conversation turned to the paranormal work the member was into. Her friend began telling her about the activity both she and her husband had been experiencing in their home. The member offered to come check it out, and she jumped at the opportunity. That’s how I ended up working on this case.The lady of the house had been hearing odd noises in the house. Both she and her husband had been hearing footsteps on the basement stairs at night. Along with those, they would hear the sound of a door creak open, which to them sounded like the door on the wood furnace. But when they would go to check on it, it would be firmly closed. This was causing them many sleepless nights. They had also noticed that the cats had begun spending a lot of time out back by the pool, which was out of character for them. Over a period of months, two had even drowned in the pool. The pool itself was not new, and had been established for quite some time. The house was a bungalow set quite far back from the road. We were given a tour and shown where the activity was occurring. We were told that a psychic had come in and done card readings, stating that a negative spirit was there in one of the rooms. This had scared the homeowners who were a little apprehensive afterwards whenever they would hear a noise. We were shown the room in question, down in the basement. It was a spare room that was sparse, save a rocking chair, a stool, and a couple decorations. They would keep the door closed and the lady of the house was hesitant about being in there. She said she had heard noises coming from the room. She had also heard a female’s voice on occasion. The crew and I split up. They went to do a sweep of the residence with the K2 meter, and to begin evp work with the voice recorder and spirit box. Me, I began with a meditation and chakra opening in the “cursed” room. Then I began to wander. I started with a bedroom – the master – across the other side of the basement. There had been voices heard in this room. Also, a shadow had been seen in the doorway. In here I received the name Laura, followed a few moments later with the name Rogers. Then I felt there was something to do with a clown. Confused as to what this meant, I went upstairs to walk the rest of the rooms. In the bathroom I heard the song “Jackie” by Marvin Gaye in my head. No other communication occurred in this room; which meant no clarification of that message. Even more confused, I checked out the kitchen, living room and bedroom upstairs, used by the couple’s son. I had no further messages from these locations, so I turned my attention to the infamous stairs leading to the basement. I made it to the third step from the bottom when I began to notice a physical sensation. I was experiencing a tightness across my diaphragm. I paused there for a moment. I continued down, now more slowly. By the time I reached the basement floor, the sensation had dissipated. Turning, I took slow steps back upwards. As I approached the third to the last step, I began to experience the pain again, increasing in intensity as I became closer to that particular stair. Satisfied that the sensation was not “mine”, I headed back down to the utility section of the basement.Here I found the wood furnace, and on the far side of that, some stacked wood. Passing by, I walked to the far wall and leaned against it, under a window. Here I was given the name Trevor. I could see a male wearing a red and black checked flannel shirt. He also had on a hat with a brim, and yellowish-brown work boots. The steel toe on the boots was rounded and much larger than the boot – and much bigger than the style of boot being currently produced. This led me to believe that this male died some time ago – most probably in the 1980’s. I wasn’t able to get him to communicate. He was very quiet and just stood there looking at me, uncommunicative. Not receiving any further information, I moved to stand in front of the furnace. Concentrating, I saw the same shirt…and then more. I could see army-green baggy pants. And the same boots. I could see the hat on his head more clearly. |It was a hunting cap – khaki, squarish, with a flat brim. He looked as though he had been in his 50’s or 60’s when he died. I received the name Victor. Now, names are never an easy thing for me. It could be a family member or friend of theirs or someone they and the homeowner have in common. So for this reason, to be clear, I asked him directly for his name. I was given the name “Mike”. I asked for a last name and heard “Sheffield”. Still not confident this information was legit, I continued on with my line of questioning. I asked him why he was there. I saw one word – “LOST”. I asked him how he died and he showed me a heart. Since he was lost and clearly didn’t belong there, I crossed him over. On opening the door, his mother came through – an elderly lady with short, grey, curly hair, wearing a dress with a lilac-colored cardigan over the top of it. He didn’t hesitate, but walked right towards her without a word. She took his hand, and they walked through together.Satisfied, I knew my work was cut out for me yet. Rising, I returned to the “cursed” room. I performed psychometry. This involved me placing my hand on the wall and asking for the history of the land from my guides. I was given the impression that illicit drugs had been done here, which didn’t seem fitting with either the house or the occupants. Extending my energy, I picked up on a female with long, dark, wavy hair. She was wearing a white long-sleeved nightgown with ruffles on the sleeves and the hem. I got the name Laura. I felt like she had lived there at one time. I asked why she was here – she told me she likes it. She looked as though she was in her 20’s or 30’s. And I felt as though she had died in the 1980’s or 1990’s. I asked her how she died and I saw what seemed like an impact. She showed me her head being flung violently forward, so I felt she must have had a head injury. I asked her if she was stuck here and if she needed help. I received one word – “Stay”. This indicated to me that she wanted to remain in the house. Leaving the basement, I climbed the stairs to the kitchen and exited the patio doors. I made my way across the deck towards the above-ground pool. I spied a cabana-type building; a pool-house with glass and screens on all sides. I entered and spied a cat curled up asleep on a couch. Remembering how the homeowner had stated that the cats seemed mesmerized with the pool, it seemed appropriate for the cat to be in here. I seated myself on an adjacent cushiony chair and began to meditate. Immediately I could see the image of a male of about 50-60 years of age. He was bald, with some grey hair spanning from above his ears right around the back of his head. He was wearing round glasses. But as I looked at him, he showed me as his having them on at one moment, and not having them on in the next moment. This is how they make me understand that they didn’t have to wear or use something all the time or not for all of their life. He was short and overweight, wearing a blue and white polo shirt, with horizontal stripes. He also had on bermuda shorts. I was given the name Steve or Stephen. He was a smoker, and appeared to have a cigar in his mouth. I felt that he liked the cats. In fact, so much so, that he had one literally lying along his lower arm, like a pharoah with a sphinx. I asked him why he was here and heard – “I don’t know”. I asked how he died and he told me he had died of heart problems. Suddenly he was wearing a loose hawaiian shirt, blue in color with white lotus flowers on it. It appears as though he is ready to party. He gave me the impression he is a good-time guy and loves to have fun. I asked him if he wanted to cross over, and he told me yes. With that, I returned to the house where the rest of the team were already discussing their results with the homeowner. I sat and filled everyone in on my findings. In discussing the female, they understood who she was. There had been a tragic accident involving a 20-ish year-old female, who matched the description I had given them. Her vehicle had been struck by a larger truck on the same road that this house sat on. I told them of seeing her head fling forward and asked how she died. They replied that her neck had been cut and the bleeding could not be controlled to save her life. The time-frame of the accident matched as well. They had known her, and were quite comfortable with her wanting to remain in the house.Next I told them of the male in the furnace room. They recognized the description as someone they knew from the community. They also said that he was indeed a very quiet person. It was quite like him to be non-communicative and to just stand and stare, when alive. But they wanted to know why he would be there. I told them he was lost and had probably just wandered in. They mentioned that he had lived a few kilometers uphill from them. In fact, the stream that ran beside their house, came from the same area where the male used to live. They inquired as to whether this would have anything to do with his being there. Yes, I told them. Moving water is a great source of energy, and can attract spirits to it, and bring unwanted energy into a home. The male could certainly have followed the stream right to their house. When I told them about moving him on, they said it made sense that his mother came for him. He had never married and only had his mother until she had passed. Lastly, I brought up the male in the pool area. Both homeowners thought they knew who it was. A friend had passed away, and they had been asked by his family if they could take in his cats. And although they already had their own cats, they quickly agreed to help out. This might explain why the cats seemed so obsessed with being around the pool and the cabana. I told them he wished to cross over into the light. If it was okay with them, I wished to return out back and help him do so. Of course, they wholeheartedly agreed. A few minor details were cleared up for me as well. Validation is very important in what I do – to know that the details I receive are relevant. They recognized the name of Laura Rogers as someone from the neighborhood who had passed years ago. Next, the illicit drugs. They informed me on the background history of the property. This house was not original to the property. The original dwelling on the property had been a mobile home and had been located closer to the road. The people that had lived there had been big drug users. Later on the mobile had been removed and the present building had been brought from elsewhere and placed on a foundation further back from the road. As for the third stair? They reported that when they would hear the heavy footsteps, it would start on that stair and they would hear the three footfalls for the last three stairs.Follow-up : I messaged the homeowner a few weeks later to find out how the activity in he house was. She was happy to report that the footsteps on the basement stairs, and the sound of the opening of the frunace door had ceased. The house was more peaceful and and they were able to get a good night’s sleep now. I was happy to hear that we had been able to help. I told her if things were to change, to contact us. However, as of the date of this post, we have not heard from them.

Paradise Lost 04.19.17

I was called into this home by a friend of a friend. The home owner’s children had been having experiences that left her feeling concerned. She is a level one reiki practitioner and had been cleansing her home frequently using reiki. As she talked she gave me the impression she had it all under control. She was doing a good job – the home itself was light, airy, and very positive-feeling. However, her children were still complaining at night of being scared and seeing apparitions.The house was very new, in an area of new construction. On entering, she told me a bit of what her youngest had seen outside. Recently, he had complained of seeing a man in the tree out front. He pointed it out to her, but she could not see anything. He was quite insistent on going outside to help this man down. Instead, she took him to the second story for a better vantage point. He could still see the man, but she could not. She wisely didn’t tell him he was imagining it. Rather, they agreed on the man being there – she just wasn’t able to see him. Other activity he was having occurred when he would be in his bed at night. He would tell her he was scared of the child in the doorway to his bathroom. She shut the door and that seemed to appease him. She also had to keep his closet door closed. Both her youngest children seemed afraid at night and both had doorways to the same bathroom.The home owner had other business to attend to, so I performed the walk alone. I headed to the basement first. Down the stairs and to the left was the spare bedroom. I laid my hand on the wall. This allows me to use psychometry to pick up any imprinted or residual energy, to relate to me the history of the house or land. I was shown a native drum and then a Micmac native male. Moments later I was shown a birch bark canoe. Leaving that room, I walked back towards the stairs, to a storage closet that ran underneath. Here, I felt chest pain and saw a tall, slim female with grey hair, that was “buzzed” short up the back, but curly and longer on top. She was very modern in both appearance and attitude, and very opinionated. As I asked her questions, her attitude was very brisk, to the point, and “no-nonsense”. I got that she died within the last ten years and had passed due to cancer. I was shown the letters CA- associated with her when I asked her name. As I left the closet, I also began to feel nauseated. Both the chest pain and the nausea dissipated as I left her space. I turned right, walking across a rec-room to a washroom. Here were an elderly male and elderly female, who seemed to be together, possibly husband and wife. They were serene and simply presented themselves, wanting to be crossed over. This does happen a fair bit on locations. Spirit often knows I’ll be at a location and will show up just to be helped. I crossed them over before moving on.Walking across a family area, another female presented herself to be crossed over, and I assisted her. As I strolled past garden doors leading to the outside, I came to a halt. I gazed out the door at a rectangular-shaped pool and with a cabana, and a metal chain-link fence surrounding them. As I tried to decide whether to go outside or not, an image came to me. I could see what appeared to be an Iroquois native – replete with a shaved head and a “mowhawk” on top, and war paint on his face. He was creeping along the pool fence to the far right side. Not totally believing what I had just seen, I kept walking. I came upon a small storage room with a garage door. Here, my guides instructed me to expand my energy. Now when I do this normally, it consists of a circle a couple of feet around me. But I was being asked to encompass the whole area, even into the corners, essentially creating a large “square” of light. This felt strange to me, but I acquiessed. I saw a black-cloaked figure, sitting on the floor, huddled in the corner, head slumped over. I was surprised, and wasn’t sure if this was human, or something else. Or if it was good or bad, for that matter. The hood covered the head and face, so I couldn’t make out any features. I tried to get information, but the figure refused to talk to me, so I turned around to leave. That’s when I suddenly saw a Halloween decoration next to the exit on the floor – a black robe-clad skeleton standing behind a tombstone – startling me. Who says there isn’t humor in working with the paranormal….lol. I touched its head, to gain any impressions. I wondered if possibly it had something to do with the other figure. I didn’t feel anything, but heard a ringing in my ear.Finished with the basement, I headed upstairs. I felt the opinionated lady’s chest pain again. She felt like she seemed to spend her time between the storage area, the basement stairs, and the second floor stairs. I skipped the first floor, opting to go straight up to the second floor to give the home owner and her son peace for a little while longer. As I ascended the stairs, I thought to myself, well, since this lady is intent on following me, I’ll use her as a source of information. So I began asking her questions. She responded, helpfully, albeit in very clipped tones of condescension. It almost like she was saying ‘yes – duh! Keep up with the program!’ like I was too dumb and should already know these things. At the top of the stairs, I turned right, into the master bedroom. In the walk-in closet, I had the image of an elderly gentleman, probably in his eighties, sitting in a chair. I was shown a plane and felt this man had been of service to his country. On a shelf to my right I saw a glass case with what looked like war-era medals in it. I felt as though this man had owned these items and was attached to them, simply coming in in visitation. Then another man appeared. He was tall and slim, in a white shirt and dark suit jacket and pants. He said his name was Philip. When asked if he wished to cross over, his answer was ‘yes’, so I assisted him. I continued down the hall, and entered the main washroom. Here I saw a shadow figure, and felt that it was often seen in the hallway. I also saw a little girl, maybe four to five years-old, with short, curly hair. Judging by her facial features, I knew she had down’s syndrome. She didn’t seem to be present. She simply seemed to be residual energy. I crossed to the oldest child’s room. In my mind’s eye I saw him awaken at night by possibly a noise or something else, but not be bothered, and go right back to sleep. Not so for the other two bedrooms.In the youngest son’s bedroom I saw him cowering, sitting up in bed at night, afraid and clutching a stuffed animal. I entered his closet, and stood there, closing my eyes to truly feel the space, and expanded my energy. I felt off-balance, and began leaning ahead further and further onto the balls of my feet until I thought I might fall over. I opened my eyes, puzzled, and gazed at the floor. No obvious slopes or slants. I re-adjusted my feet into a firm stance and closed my eyes again. Same thing. So I asked my guides what this was, and they showed me a symbol for a portal. I left the space feeling concerned for both the child, and the rest of the family. I traversed the youngest children’s bathroom from his room to his sister’s room, feeling nothing out of the ordinary. However, looking through the window to the side yard, I spied large flat, but sloped, ground-level boulders that could have been granite or some other stone. They ran all the way down the sloped backyard like some kind of a stone path for giants. I was given the impression that there was quartz deep underground, and that side of the yard/house was holding a lot of residual energy. I walked through the washroom into the little girl’s room. I was shown at night she would lie in bed, eyes wide, watching the door, scared. I stepped into her closet and felt anxious and unwell. Returning to the main floor, I traversed the kitchen and headed down a side hall. I ended up in a garage. The garage door faced the front of the house. I began walking around the side of the vehicle, towards the garage door. Suddenly, there was this very tall – nearly seven feet in height – slim, black-cloaked figure, putting a hand in my face, telling me ‘Stop! Don’t come here!’ Shocked, I stopped and looked around me. Not sure whether to be afraid – was this a good entity or a bad one? – I closed my eyes and tuned into the figure asking my guides for clarity. I could feel it was female, and humanoid, a good sign. I asked, “What are you doing here? “ ‘Guarding’, was the reply. “Who or what?” I asked. ‘The Boy’, she replied. Ohhh, I thought, as the puzzle pieces began falling into place in my mind. “What’s your name?” I asked. ‘Mage’ was the name I was shown. Feeling this had been a positive encounter, I began walking gingerly towards the garage door again. Nothing further occurred, so I walked around the front of the vehicle, and left the garage. I walked the living room, dining room, and office, returning to the kitchen. Finding nothing more of significance, I sat down with the homeowner to tell her of my findings.She confirmed all the activity I had picked up on, regarding what the kids experience at night, and stated that she, herself was seeing the shadow-figure upstairs. She gave me a bit more background information at that point. The house sits on what used to be native land. In fact, the land slopes down to a lake, beyond the thick forest.(Hence seeing the canoe) She says she has seen a line of natives standing out front across her lawn. Also a friend that stayed in the downstairs guest bedroom had seen a native outside the window at night. She was relating her story to another friend, who told her that when members of the tribe died in the winter-time, the others would hang them in trees until the ground thawed. (explains the son seeing the man in the tree) When I mentioned the Iroquois-looking warrior, she stated that there was another tribe here other than Micmac. To my surprise, it was indeed, Iroquois. The medals upstairs were her husband’s possessions, originally belonging to his grandfather. Like her husband, he too was a pilot, explaining my vision of a plane.When I brought up the lady with the CA-name and described her, she wondered who she was. So I asked the spirit if she was related and if so, on what side of the family. The answer was ‘yes’ and ‘mother’s side’. Then she showed me the word ‘aunt’. The home owner stated it sounded like her Aunt Catherine on her mother’s side. She had died from cancer a few years earlier. She said she had to shave her head, and wore a wig, so that might have explained her head being shaved at the back. I told her that her aunt spends alot of time going up and down the stairs. The home owner stated she had numerous experiences regarding the stairs leading to the second level. She had also smelled cigarette smoke occasionnally. This could be attributed to her aunt, a smoker in life. The home owner was wondering why her aunt would be there. But at the same time, remarked that Aunt Catherine was around her a few years ago as well. I asked what the parallel was for her, between then and now. Her reply was stress. But still, she wondered, why? We weren’t that close, she intoned aloud. To which spirit replied ‘Bah!’, irritated. This is what I love about spirit. They still retain such personality – I can’t make that stuff up. It helps people recognize their loved ones. When I told the home owner her aunt’s response, she laughed and said, ‘Ok, we actually were close.’ But still she wondered aloud what she could possibly need help with. I relayed to her that what I was being told, is that she was sometimes indecisive about things, having a hard time making decisions in these stressful times. And her aunt is very opinionated, very “black and white” with her outlook. So she was there to help her “cut to the chase”. Our loved ones are like that – they will pop in and help us when we need it.I mentioned the earth-bound spirits who were crossed over. Then I moved on to the more serious issues, namely the portal in her son’s bedroom. To me, it explained all the different entities that were showing up, and why he was seeing them in his room. They were probably walking through the bathroom and into her daughter’s room as well. I also felt as though the boulders outside had something to do with perpetuating this. I explained how I had seen a child upstairs, a little girl with short curly hair. She confirmed that sounded like what her son had told her. Next, I brought up the black-cloaked figure. I explained that she was present in the storage area at the back of the house, but not very active back there. This was close to where I had seen the Iroquois lurking outside. She was very active, however, at the front of the house in the garage – kitty-corner to the storage room. Shocked and puzzled, the home owner wondered why she was there. ‘Why wouldn’t she let you in? Why ‘the boy’?’ I explained how she was there protecting the house. Then she seemed to remember something. She explained how her husband was gone a lot, as he was a pilot. He had been gone for many months last year. She had prayed for protection; prayed for safety for herself and her kids. And I pointed out how she had probably been worried about her youngest. He was seeing so much, seeing so many entities, and he is unafraid of them. This makes him extremely vulnerable. So she had probably prayed for his protection especially. I told her, that’s why she (Mage) is protecting him. She is currently patrolling along the garage, all along the front of the house. Then the home owner had another memory. Years ago in college, she had found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and they broke up. The night before all that happened, she was lying in bed, and saw a black-cloaked figure standing in her closet. When she turned her head, the figure was gone. Moments later she saw it standing on the other side of her bed, looking down at her boyfriend. So that cemented in my mind the theory I was leaning towards – it was one of her guides. Specifically, it was her protection guide. ‘But why wouldn’t she let you in?’ she said, sounding puzzled. “Because, I am a stranger. I am not a member of your family”, I replied. She’s doing her job, keeping people and other things out. Now at the end of my reveal, I felt I needed to offer some advice. First and foremost, I was concerned about the portal. Portals are like passageways for the dead. I picture them as maze-like wormholes, starting in one location and ending in another, leading everywhere. The dead can wander into and out of a house in this way. So far, nothing too bad had shown up. But left unchecked, something negative could eventually find its way there. In my experience, I knew another lady who had had good success with bringing a Reiki Master in to close her portal. And the home owner and I shared a mutual friend who just happened to be a Reiki Master. I suggested she have her over to use reiki on the youngest child’s closet to close the portal. I also suggested that she place some symbols in the closet of her daughter. Next, I proposed a solution for the restless natives. I advised that she plant a tree and dedicate it as an offering to them. In doing this, she would be honoring them. This would essentially be promising that no matter how many changes had been made to the land, she was dedicated to preserving it like they had. The home owner indicated she had no plans to plant a tree, as she had already planted some the previous year. She did say she would be having her friend in to close the portal. Follow-up: the home owner was contacted a few weeks later. She had not had the Reiki Master in to the home in that time. Some days later she contacted me, saying her youngest had had an incident the previous night. He had come into her room @02:00 a.m., afraid. He stated there was a man in his room with chains on. I asked her if she had had her Reiki friend in yet. She had not. However, she was slated to be there within 24 hours. I made sure to offer my assistance if she should have any more issues, whether she needed me to come back, or simply offer advice.Recently, I contacted her to see how things are. She said since the symbols have been placed in several different areas of her home, it seems to be quieter. And while no one in the home smokes, she reports smelling cigarette smoke occasionally. However, she believes this to be her aunt, and does not seem to be bothered by it.

Return to Bitterness 03.21.17

We returned to the house in the daylight this time. While it was dark on the previous visit, there were a couple places we couldn’t go, since safety could be an issue. On this visit, the atmosphere was much quieter. Although I did note that as soon as I stepped into the first room of the house, the kitchen, I was instantly nauseated. I began with the basement and traversed the first floor, but was picking up nothing. It was not until I went to the second floor that the activity began. In the sewing room, I saw the top of a female’s head, and flat, straight, long hair that was dark brown in color. Before I could even explore who this was, I saw another entity, a young girl of about 6-7 years-old. She had golden brown hair that was parted to the right, falling over the left side of her face. She was wearing a white dress with a rounded neckline, and short sleeves, trimmed with lace. She was just standing there staring, unmoving. Which I puzzled over, since conscious entities are usually active, “physically”. I was trying to decide if she was a residual haunting. I was wondering if it was nighttgown or an actual dress she was wearing. Almost in response, she turned around so I could see the back of what I thought by now was a nightgown, revealing a sash tied around her waist with a large bow at the back. I saw the letters IL- and felt her name was something similar to Ilene, Leanne, or Ileana. I also was shown the year 1898, most likely the year she died. I felt like she was wearing a party dress, as if she were at a birthday party. As I tuned in to glean more of her story, I saw a pond or similar-looking body of water. I sat at the top of the stairs to meditate and focus, and I was shown a canoe and paddle. I also saw a man in the canoe. As I was sitting there, my eyes focused on the wall opposite, blankly staring as I meditated. But suddenly my attention was caught by a black shadow standing against the wall of a man wearing a top hat. With him I was shown the name MacIntosh. In conferring with the client in the next room, she confirmed that the surname MacIntosh is from the immediate area. Getting up from the steps, I entered the bedroom where I had previously encountered the bitter Victorian female spirit, Vanessa. In there I instantly received the name Douglas. An investigator who was running a spirit box in there at the time, asked ‘Is your name Douglas?’ and we heard a male voice say “Doug”. Moments afterwards, there was also a male voice with a Scottish-sounding accent calling my name on the spirit box. I noticed that Vanessa the bitter lady was still there and voiced this aloud. The investigator asked in a loud voice why she was so bitter and angry. Vanessa responded clairaudiently to me, “I’m not talkting to her!” and stormed off out of the room. At that same moment there was a female’s voice on the spirit box, but it was not discernible as to what was said.Leaving, I walked down the hall into the bathroom. There was no activity here, but the feeling of nausea became worse near the closet. I briefly walked downstairs, trying to pick up the hat-man again. Instead I received the name Tamara. As the activity seemed to be centered around the upstairs, I returned there. Entering the sewing room again, I saw the name Roger clairvoyantly. He had grey hair, a salt and pepper beard and a short moustache. He simply wanted to be moved on, and I did so. Then out into the hallway I was given the name Robert. On checking with the client regarding many of the names I had received, she confirmed the name Robert as being the name of one of the former home-owners.Since I had such a successful connection to spirit on the previous visit to the attic, I decided to head up there. I asked Vanessa to come talk to me and tried to empathize with her and what had happened to her in her life. I tried to convince her she needed to move on. I asked angels and archangels to help me do this, and I also asked for a loved one to come forth to aid in her crossing. While I was communicating with her she changed from looking like the bitter, sour-faced female with long wavy hair, to an old fashioned lady with her hair in a bun wearing a Victorian dress. I believe this is probably how she looked during the happier times in her life. Suddenly an older male with white hair, wearing a white shirt and suspenders came forward. It felt like he was her father. I was still talking at this point, but she had stopped listening. She became overjoyed, and ran into his arms. Then they left together, crossing into the light.The next order of business was to visit the areas that needed daylight to be walked. On the previous visit I had come up to the woodcutter’s loft in the dark, by flashlight, as it was quite full of storage items, and was precarious to travel through. I performed psychometry on the mirror hanging on the wall, and saw the letters CH or CHE, and felt the male who had owned/used the mirror had a name like Charles or Chester. I also saw the name Victor. I could see the man who had stayed in this space had reddish-colored, bushy hair and had a bushy beard. (On checking with the client’s husband on a later date, he confirmed my description as that of the man he had seen looking down at him from the loft window while he was out in the driveway.)I was curious to walk out to the large barn out back where Vanessa had told me she had hung herself. On the basement level of this multi-level building, close to a stall and outhouse, I had an A- name, but nothing more. I spied a an old handsaw on the wall and touched it. I saw the name Lloyd accociated with it. Otherwise activity was quite low in the barn. But as I was leaving I saw a long thick rope tied to the rafters. I grabbed it, wondering if this was the ‘hanging’ rope. I didn’t glean any energy off it. But later on, the client confided in me that she had been watching me for a reaction. Interestingly, she explained that when she was a child and was playing in the barn, she remembers feeling like hanging herself from that rope. And she recalls almost arguing with someone, saying ‘No, I’m not going to kill myself, go away!’.The visit had been successful in moving one entity on. But two more had been discovered. This only brought up more questions than answers. Who was the young girl? What was Hatman’s purpose there, and were the two connected – since they had shown up in almost the same space on the same day…? The saga continues, and a return visit was definitely in our future.PS – On speaking with the client some weeks later, she stated that she feels a definite difference with Vanessa gone. She and her husband no longer smell cigarette smoke in their room at night. She says the room is more peacefulas well. As an added bonus, she feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, almost as if the Victorian lady had been attached to her for all these years. She says she feels freer to live her life now. Her husband had been addicted to smoking for years. But on the day I had moved Vanessa on, he suddenly quit cold-turkey, while away in another town. Seems like Vanessa had a hold on more than one person in that house…