This business came about quite by chance. After discovering I had mediumistic abilities, I was asked by a friend to help a young girl terrorized in her home by the paranormal. My reply was, “I’m not sure if I can help, but I can try”. I was able to help, and cleared the home of the angry male spirit through empathy and what I call “spiritual counseling”. From there, people continued to come forth, looking for help, searching for peace. Having lived in a home with activity since the year 2000, I felt for all those people.
And so, the business was born.
As I became busier, I needed this page to educate people about the business’ purpose and methods. If we were finding this many in need just from word of mouth, then how many more were out there? And could we reach them through social media? Along the way, I have picked up other team members. Members who have gone through similar issues in their own homes and lives. They too empathized with the plight of people coming to us for help. They too wanted to help, and each in their own way. Amanda is our tech expert. She handles the paranormal gear and evp editing. Charlene is a Reiki Master, performing attachment removals and soul retrievals. She also dowses to map ley lines. Bobbie is the Demonologist, and has brought us most of our cases. And Ryan is the cameraman and investigator. Depending on what is needed at each point in the investigation for each location, a client may see all of us, or only a couple of us. And when further help is needed in certain cases, I call in other specialists. On one really bad case, the client and her family had to be blessed by a minister.
But I digress. The group has evolved from just me. And it will continue to evolve as the needs of clients’ change with each case’s unique needs. Regardless, we endeavor to help those afflicted as we once were. And we will continue to do so.

House Clearing 101

When I am asked to perform a house clearing, or even just a “walk” of someone’s house, a sit down meeting is usually in order. Many times people are having activity in their homes and just want it to stop so they can live in peace. Others simply want to know what or who haunts their house and the history of what has transpired there, before making any decisions. There is a lot more information out there nowadays on mediumship, especially on tv, that people are privvy to. However, not all mediums are “created equally”. Simply put, we all have different senses we are able to use, to the same end. I used to look at my peers in a session and wonder, why can’t I do that? But they were questioning the same of me, as it turns out. So, I sit down with the homeowner, and explain to them how I get my information, if they are to be involved in the process. (This is one of the main reasons I created this site. If clients can peruse this first, it cuts down on much of my explanations.) That way I can give them feedback as we walk around, and they understand what is occurring. Also, I endeavour to find out from them what the issue is, and what they are hoping can be done about it. Some just want the place cleared because they are scared to death. Others are curious and want to know more. And there are always questions as they attempt to understand what is going on and why. I sometimes will bring a colleague with me, so they can take notes as I walk. It makes things easier for me, so I don’t have to stop the flow of information to do shorthand – and sometimes there can be alot to try to remember!Then I perform an “opening”. This allows me so to be open to receive energy. Some clients choose not to be present in the home while I do this. Others will walk with me. Some just putter around the house while I do my thing. I usually begin in the basement and work my way up, room by room, including storage areas/closets. I often use psychometry on existing structures to gain history of the location. That involves laying a hand on an object to interact with its energy. It tells a tale of what happened with that object or within the space. Sometimes there are conscious entities that will approach me right off, because they’ve been waiting to cross over for some time, and just want to leave. Others, the ones with the more negative attitudes, just want to tell me about their lives, do a little complaining. I sometimes pick up residual energy that is imprinted in the very fabric of the location. It replays like a movie. There can be family members at a location as well, if they have chosen to stay near their living loved ones. I have also met homeowners’ spirit guides while doing this. And then there are the negative beings. These are the ones that have a different agenda altogether. The ones who potentially were never human and have bad intentions. Thank goodness, for the residents’ sake, that is a rare occurence.When I’m done – and this can take anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours depending on the size of the house, land, and outbuildings – I sit down once again with the home owner and any family members who are involved, as appropriate. I have returned at later dates, on occasion, to meet with family that weren’t able to be present initially. I explain what I encountered and answer any questions. If they wish, I move on the “easier” entities who already wish to leave. If there is more work to be done, I come back at a later time. The more negative entities can be more stubborn and time-consuming. Sometimes there are things the home owner can do themselves. And on rare occurences, other professionals need to be brought in to clear and cleanse the space. I am always “on-call” after the fact. Clients have contacted me with questions, or with needing further assistance from time to time, when a new occurence has cropped up.. I am always happy to help, and to share information as needed. My goal is to give the client their home back, peaceful and free of activity. And a peaceful home is a happy home.

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